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Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Question: What is Alzheimer's disease?
Answer: Alzheimer's is one of the causes of dementia.

Question: What is dementia?
Answer: Dementia is an illness that affects the brain. It is usually the brain of old people that is affected, although sometimes adults from 60 years old can also get the illness.

Question: How does it affect the brain?
Answer: Nobody knows what the cause is, but what happens is that the brain has a disease that makes it become smaller and smaller. People then change in that they become very forgetful. They lose things and then do not know where to find them, or they get lost, forget to bath or change their clothes and they may accuse people of stealing from them or accuse their partners of being unfaithful.

Question: Can you catch this disease from other people?
Answer: No.

Question: When did this disease start?
Answer: It has been here for a long time. The thing is that people are now living longer so there are more people with the disease.

Question: Can you get this disease from your parents or grandparents if they had it?
Answer: Not necessarily. Anyone over the age of 60 can develop the disease.

Question: In which countries is this disease found?
Answer: It is all over the world.

Question: Can the abuse of alcohol or any other drugs cause the brain cells to die?
Answer: Yes, but remember that Alzheimer's is just one of the causes of dementia. Alcohol and other substances and illnesses can also cause dementia.

Question: How do you know if someone has got the disease?
Answer: If people start to forget things that they always knew and maybe also do strange things, they need to be taken to a doctor who will do tests to find out what is wrong. The person's behaviour could be caused by another illness that can be treated and cured.

Question: Can Alzheimer's be cured?
Answer: No, but some of the symptoms can be treated. The medicine that is given can sometimes help the person to be calmer.

Question: Can this medicine have other effects on the body?
Answer: Yes, in some people. If it does happen, then the medicine is stopped.

Question: What happens then?
Answer: Whether or not the person is on medicine, he still needs to be looked after and helped to do things that he cannot do for himself.