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Welma Geldenhuys

Social Worker

Welma Geldenhuys is working as a social worker in the field of the Elderly and Geriatric care for 26 years. In 2005 she started her first support group.  This group is still active.  She was also part of the research team who did research on Aricept medication, one of the first medicines for Alzheimer patients.  She joined ASA Gauteng in 2017 and is involved in consultation, training and the initiating of support groups in Gauteng.

Lorraine Sepeng

Social Auxiliary Worker

Lorraine Sepeng is working as a social auxiliary worker in Soweto. Lorraine has been with ASA Gauteng as a volunteer from 1997 and in 2010 she joined as a permanent staff member. She is passionate and committed to serving people living with Alzheimer’s.

Nancy Kalaba

Administrative Assistant

Nancy Kalaba was employed at ASA in 2007 as a receptionist.  Currently she is the PA to the executive director. She is also assisting ASA, Gauteng with their administrative responsibilities. She has grown her skills and knowledge about Alzheimer’s and dementia and has good interpersonal relationship and communication skills.


General Inquiries

The Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias Association was established in 1985 and the Gauteng regional office in 2000.  It was transformed into ASA NPC in 2016.

Dementia is a progressive and degenerative disease of the brain which affects memory, language skills, visual perception, disorientation, capability to focus, to pay attention, to reason and to make decisions.  In South Africa 1 of 10 people over the age of 65 and internationally 1 of 3 people over the age of 85 are diagnosed with the disease. The disease impacts the person living with dementia, their families and community on a personal, relational, psycho-social, and financial level.

FACT – Dementia does not discriminate, any one of us can be affected; – former heads of states – or even YOU!

Do you know someone who is living with dementia or who has a family member or loved one living with dementia?

We render services across all the districts in Gauteng to persons living with dementia and their families irrespective of race, gender, religious orientation, or financial standing. The services include psycho-social support and counselling; education and guidance on care choices; support groups; training of care givers, including family members as carers; and finally, awareness raising and advocacy.

ASA Gauteng does not receive any subsidy.


Elphin Lodge Retirement Home
222 Modderfontein Road
Call: 011 792 2511/8387
National Helpline 086 010 2681


246 Tau Street
Sports Hall Diepkloof
Soweto Coordinator
Lorraine Sepeng
Call: 067 938 2413


29 Lion Street
Welma Geldenhuys
Call:  082 821 4862


Individual psycho-social support and counselling
These sessions can be provided face-to-face or online via video or telephone for persons living with dementia and their families.

Alzheimer’s SA (ASA), Gauteng render therapeutic and support services, specially to the family of the person who was diagnosed with a type of dementia.

Our consultations focus on an evaluation of the person’s background, unique needs, support systems, level of care needed, legal liability as well as a collaborated future plan of action. Furthermore, we provide information on Alzheimer’s disease and the effect on the brain, communication with the dementia person, behaviour challenges experienced such as mood disorders, sleeping problems, wandering etc. We also evaluate the carer, especially if the carer is the husband/wife and also an elderly carer?

Our consultation is a once off fee of R500, and any further support is free.  The payment of fees can be negotiated.  Our first priority is to render services to the person living with Alzheimer’s and their family and/or support systems.

Support Groups
Support groups for person living with dementia in early stages as well as for family members of those living with dementia is available in several areas in Gauteng. Meetings are held monthly. We have 24 support groups. For further details please see our list of support groups and the contact details.

If there is not a support group in your area, please contact National Office to join our online support group at 0860 102 681.

We have a number of training courses available for anyone interested in knowing more about dementia; for care givers at home, in the community and at residential facilities; for multi-professional team members, including health practitioners, social workers, psychologist, nurses, community workers, social auxiliary workers and traditional healers.

Current courses available

  • One-day workshop (everybody with an interest in dementia disease)
  • Two-day workshop (family members, care givers at home and in facilities, social auxiliary workers, community workers, volunteers)
  • Four-day workshop (multi-professional team)
  • Online training presented in four sessions of 2 hours each (everybody with an interest in dementia disease).

Courses can also be presented in a modular way to meet the need of the group or organisation who require the training.

We do awareness raising and advocacy on dementia through, talks, presentations, lectures, workshops to organisations, students and communities. You can invite us to your expo’s, wellness days and health and mental health campaigns.

Become a Volunteer

Anybody with a passion for the person living with dementia is welcome to be a volunteer in our organisation. ASA have a broad spectrum of services that needs your support and assistance. We currently  have 35 volunteers in Soweto. Contact our National Helpline 0860 102 681 or email and social worker at 082 821 4862 or email

Become a friend or corporate friend of Alzheimer South Africa Gauteng

Individual Friends of ASA pay an annual fee of R150. (Benefits include regional newsletter, 10% reduction in fees for training, resource list, helpline and library services).  If you join now your fees will be valid until February 2022.

Corporate Friends of ASA pay an annual fee of R500. (Benefits include regional newsletter, 10% reduction in fees for staff attending training, helpline, resource listing and library services). If you join now your fees will be valid until February 2022.

Donate Today

You have the option to sponsor specific services such as training, home-base care, counseling, vouchers for non-paying beneficiaries and stipends for community workers or for general operational cost.  You can contribute with a once off donation or a monthly donation.


First National Bank
Acc No.62174204934
Branch Code: 253705
Branch: Northcliff.

Please email proof of payment to

A Section 18A tax certificate is available on request.

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Training is going digital 

Digital Traing March  2021

Zoom Training

Alzheimer’s Gauteng, in association with Kim Lewitte, (Occupational Therapist) is excited to announce the 3rd Zoom training for caregivers and families of individuals with Dementia. For more details
Contact Nancy on 011 792 2511 or email
For help with Zoom setup Contact Kim on 083 302 9156.

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