Northern Cape

  • The Northern Cape regional Alzheimer’s office is in Kimberley where the regional office opened in 2009 under the auspices of the ACVV.
  • A Regional Committee, affiliated to the South African Alzheimer’s Association overrules the work done in the region.
  • New members are welcome to join the association with a nominal annual membership fee.
  • The services escalated to the extent of 1 senior social worker, 1 social worker and 2 social auxiliary workers.
  • Members of staff are available in the Frances Baard District (Kimberley) and ZF Mgcawu District (Upington) to attend to the needs of people affected by Dementia.
  • Counseling and information help individuals and families to understand the devastating impact of Dementia Diseases.
  • Presentations make people aware of Dementia Diseases and prevent certain Dementia Diseases by lifestyle changes.
  • The Alzheimer’s Association aims to combat abuse by uninformed people who sometimes accuse sufferers as being bewitched.
  • Training courses enable caregivers to improve care of demented patients who often are abused even by loved ones who cannot cope.
  • The interest of the broader Northern Cape region is met by internet and telephonic conversations.
  • Other services in the rest of the region are subject to Project funding.
  • It is the mission of the Northern Cape Alzheimer’s Association to support those affected by Dementia Diseases. Call us by telephone call or email.
  • Please support us to maintain and extend our services in the Northern Cape by joining as an Alzheimer’s member and /or donate to the Association.

Contact Information:

The Manager – Northern Cape Alzheimer’s Association

Regional Tel: 087 150 5058 or 083 415 1484

National Helpline: 086 0102 681 (8:00-9:00)


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